Battle/Royal Berkshire Hospital


Case Study on Battle Hospital Commission

Battle Hospital on the outskirts of Reading was an old victorian hospital which had expanded and expanded over the years.  The facilites were outdated and it was decided to move all the departments to a new wing at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in the centre of Reading.  The land had been sold and would be redeveloped into a new Tescos. 

The Urology department commissioned Jo to photograph the operations of the department at Battle before it was moved and produce framed enlargements which would be hung in the new department at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.  This involved taking photographs including the ward, outpatients, nurses, consultants, the building, operations, equipment used etc.  The subject matter, format and style of the photographs was left up to Jo.  Permission was obtained by Jo at the time of taking the photos if patients were included in the photo and also subsequently for the framed enlargements.  As a testament to Jo's skills and photography, no one refused permission to be included in a photograph or have a photo they were in enlarged and framed.

75 photographs were chosen for the walls in the new wing and they have been much admired by patients and visitors to the Department.  People have very fond memories of Battle Hospital and appreciate that it has been recorded for prosperity.  Also the nurses appreciated the photographs taken of the consultants which now hang in the ward so they can show patients. 

The images scrolling on the right give you a flavour of the images Jo took.


All images are copyright Jo Andreae.