Beginners Photography


Beginners Photography Course

This course aims to give you a more indepth study of photography but assumes you are currently taking your photos on auto mode and/or have very little knowledge of what the different functions on your camera can achieve.  As the price of digital cameras has reduced, sophisticated cameras are now much more affordable yet they include many features and functions which are new to the amateur.  The purpose of this course is to explain these and encourage you to try new things.

Topics which will be covered include:- composition, black and white photos, understanding the different functions on your camera, photographing friends and family, taking photos off 'auto mode', colour, light, white balance etc.

The format of each session will be that I will teach some theory/techniques and then you will be encouraged to practice this during the week and bring photos the following week which we will go though and talk about any problems you had.  I will illustrate the theory with images from my portfolio and also other professional photographers work.  Thus it is a very practical course and you will learn as much from each others photos as you will from me.

You can come on the course with either a sophisticated all singing all dancing digital SLR camera or a compact camera and classes will contain a mixture of cameras.  However if you have a compact camera, depending on its sophistication, some of the functions we talk about will not be available.  But please don't be put off if you are a compact camera owner as there is lots that will be explained to you eg using the different scenes, understanding white balance, different picture styles etc.

This course is run as an evening 4 week course at Jo's studio in Upper Bucklebury from 7.30-9.30pm. Please email or call Jo for further details as a date has yet to be confirmed.  Cost £80 per person


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