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The following are some testimonials given by people on Jo's courses:

 George Eliot Photo Montage Project

"Jo introduced the project (of creating a photgraphic montage) to the whole group and she then took them out in small groups to complete the photography. Her creative skills were soon apparent. The quality of the work produced by the students was excellent. Her lively personality and sheer love of photography as an art form was apparent to all who met her. She developed excellent working relationships with all the students and the staff involved in the project. It was amazing to see how each section of the montage was created. I can say without a doubt that everyone involved in this project benefited greatly. This was the best Artist in Residence project the School has been involved in which is a credit to Jo's expertise and professionalism"

Tim Over, Headmaster George Eliot Community School

"I really enjoyed this project and working with different people. When we went out of school and took various photos at different angles I wondered why. Then we put them together I was amazed at how fantastic the piece was. As a group I think we worked well and worked well as a team sharing ideas with one another"

Ben, George Eliot Community School

"I enjoyed the 'Artist in Residence' project as there was a lot of interesting things to do and I got to see another side of art. I found the photography very fun, as we were looking at things from different angles. This has been a great experience"

Kiran, George Eliot Community School


National Gallery Take One Picture Project

“I’m glad we did it because it’s like you’re expressing yourself and you learn how to do new things, and it was really fun, and I enjoyed it so much”

“I’ve taken pictures before….but I’ve never really experimented with them in the way that Jo taught us to….”

“Jo was friendly and funny, and a nice teacher”

“Jo has worked so hard….Jo has been very enthusiastic and flexible”

“Jo has been great at communicating with staff….friendly, warm and outgoing….very clear communication on what she needed”


Newbury Present Photographic Workshop

"Thank you for teaching us photography. It really inspired us to take some really good photos! We have enoyed every minute of this project and I hope you have too. We thank you so much. I think most of us have learnt some more about Newbury"

Year 5, Speenhamland School

"I really enjoyed working with you and I think you are great at taking pictures and we learnt how to take good pictures"

Daniel, Speenhamland Schoo

"I have enjoyed doing photography with you and sorting out all of the photos."

Samantha, Speenhamland School

"Thank you Jo for helping us with our art work. I really enjoyed photography and would love to do it again"

Marcus, Speenhamland School


Working with Special Needs

"I work with difficult students aged 14-16 that have been or are close to being excluded from full-time education. Jo and I have worked together using her photography skills to try to re-engage these students and to keep them focused. The days that have been spent with Jo have been a great success and I would say that 90% of the sudents involved walked away from the day with a greater knowledge of photography and some very useful tips on how to produce some great pictures. The schools have also given some very positive feedback on how the students have admired Jo's work and have wanted to attend more workshops. Jo has shown a very caring approach to all people she has been in contact with regardless of age, race, gender or disability."

Lyn Heaver, West Berkshire Education Business Partnership



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