Greeting Cards


Quality Handmade Greeting Cards

Below are Jo's most popular greeting card images.  Click on one of the square thumbnails on the left below to see an enlarged full view of the image on the right below.  The code with its title or place taken for each image is displayed in grey on the left below all the square thumbnails. 

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... loading slideshow ... WPGC01 Shadows WPGC42 Flames of Fortune WPGC43 Skyride WPGC04 Curves WPGC44 Summer Hues WPGC06 Friends WPGC45 Summer Life WPGC08 Heaven WPGC46 Keeping in Touch WPGC10 London Life WPGC47 Shard Reflections WPGC50 Sandscape WPGC48 Pinnacles of Excellence WPGC49 United WPGC51 Organic WPGC52 Cyberspace WPGC52 Cascades of Colour WPGC18 The Open Door WPGC19 Together WPGC52 Follow Your Dreams WPGC53 Organic WPGC54 Progressive WPGC23 Walking in the Air WPGC55 Aquaspace WPGC56 Appealing WPGC57 Cool Waves WPGC58 Upward WPGC59 United WPGC60 Aspiring WPGC61 Zigzando WPGC62 Windswept WPGC63 Enlightenment WPGC33 Old England WPGC64 Swirling WPGC35 Setting Sun WPGC36 Strollers WPGC37 Sunburst WPGC38 Sunrise WPGC39 Sunset Serenade WPGC40 The Bees Knees WPGC65 The Skys the Limit

All images are copyright Jo Andreae.