Healthy Meals Cookbook


Healthy Meals Cookbook

Working with a professional chef  Jo was asked by Meadow Vale Primary School in Bracknell to help create a photographic cookbook on healthy meals which the pupils could cook at home.  Sponsorship for the project was obtained from Creative Partnerships.

Each week a number of year 6 pupils would meet to cook a healthy main course and pudding under the guidance of the professional chef. Whilst cooking the meals, the pupils would take photos of the processes eg chopping vegetables, boiling pasta, grilling meat, blending fruit for smoothies etc. Once each course was cooked, they would design how the food would look on the plate ready for photographing to show it off at its best.

With lots of photos of the cooking process, the groups met again to create their pages of the cookbook on the computer. The pupils were given complete freedom to create the pages themselves within a set layout. Coloured titles, fancy boarders, patterns of photos, large photos as a watermark, different fonts etc were all used to great effect to create eye-catching pages. The book was then printed and bound by the school and sold to raise money for new equipment.

The images scrolling on the right are a taster of the wonderful images taken by the pupils.

All images are copyright Jo Andreae.