Newbury Lock Photo Montage


Newbury Lock Photo Montage

Every May, artists in West Berkshire open their studios to the public which results in a wonderful intense period of art appreciation and buying across all mediums.  Sponsorship has also been obtained by the Scheme to run a series of free workshops by artists in the Scheme to make art for accessible to the general public.

As a member of the Open Studios Scheme since 1999, Jo has been asked to run five workshops.  The third course was about creating a piece of art using the camera and resulted in the Newbury Lock photo montage being created.  A group of 8 people who had never met before took photos at Newbury Lock under Jo's guidance.  The photos are not beautifully composed images but a series of random images, which, when put together, formed a new image or montage.  The more wacky the image, the better, as generally this makes the viewer look closer at the image and love its quirkiness.  It may be distorted, may have a tiny path, a huge rubbish bin but that's what makes it more interesting. 

The idea came from David Hockney's polaroid photo montages, but rather than make a new rectangle or square montage image, Jo decided to let the edges be more random to let the view image more. He often put his feet into the final image for perspective and so at the bottom of the montage are the feet of everyone that took part.   The whole process from taking the photos to getting them printed and creating the montage was done in a day.

The Newbury Lock photo montage hung in Newbury Public Library for 5 years until rennovation resulted in it needing to find a new home.  The complete montage can be seen in the photo below.

All images are copyright Jo Andreae.