Newbury Present Workshop


Newbury Present Workshop

This workshop was run at Speenhamland Primary School in Newbury, sponsored by Vodafone.  It was part of a larger project where three artists worked with three different schools each taking a different view of Newbury - past, present and future. The artist worked with the pupils in different mediums over a period of a month and the end results were exhibited in Newbury Town Hall for all to enjoy.

Jo worked with pupils in year 5, firstly explainiing about four guidelines to consider when taking photos - rule of thirds, people for perspective, light and colour. The pupils then went out with digital cameras and photographed their favourite parts of Newbury to represent Newbury Present. Places included the Victoria Park, the shops, supermarket trolleys, the road they lived in etc.

The photographs were then analysed with the students looking at how they met the guidelines discussed at the beginning of the project and also any problems which occurred eg blurred pictures from camera shake, thumb infront of lens, no including the whole of the subject, so that they could learn from their mistakes.

Some wonderful pictures of Newbury Present were taken and displayed all up the main stairs of the Town Hall in Newbury. Rippons of the school colours were added to the photo boards to distinguish them and the school.  Below is a photo taken of the exhibition in the Town Hall.

All images are copyright Jo Andreae.