Online Photo Course


Online Photo Course

Having taught classes for the last 11 years in various parts of the UK, Jo has now put her courses online so that anyone in the world can benefit from her guidence and expertise.  She has set up her course with two options:

option 1 - to receive Jo's notes on email and be able to email her three images for analysing

option 2 - to have the ability to email Jo three images for analysing


Here's how you sign up to one of Jo's courses:

1. Click on the right image below to see the different course options. 

However, if you want to see a synopsis of the different course options before purchasing, click on the left image below, read and then return to the main online photo course screen ie this screen to continue, by either using the internet backspace or click on 'online photo course' in the menu below the pink banner on this website.

2. Choose which course option you want to sign up to and click on the pink square of the appropriate option.

3. Follow the online instruction for payment by credit card.  Once payment has been made, you will get a confirmation email for your course and Jo will receive an email telling her what course you have bought.  She will then email you the course notes in either pdf format or word format and give you the special email address for uploading your images for analysis. 

If you wish to pay by cheque, then please send a cheque for the amount of the package you want to the address in the contact us section of this website.  Cheques should be made payable to 'One World One Camera'.  Please include your email address and then Jo will email you the course notes.

4. Whenever you are ready, you can email Jo one, two or three of your images for analysis.  Note that this analysis can happen over a period of time as you try different things or all at once, whatever is most convenient and beneficial to you.


If you have any questions before buying, please do not hesitate to email Jo from the contact us menu.

All images are copyright Jo Andreae.