Special Needs


Photo Workshops with Special Needs Pupils

In conjunction with West Berkshire Education Business Partnership, special needs teenagers from schools in the Newbury area, a number of photographic workshops were run. Students on the sessions took photos at a local nature reserve, one week, using disposable cameras. The following week, having had the photos developed and printed, the students made a book of their favourite photos describing in one sentence why they chose the photo and what photographic technique was used.

The workshops were very rewarding for the students as they were encouraged to think for themselves and try something new. The rewards were high and instantly felt resulting in students feeling more confident at the end of the workshop. Jo recalls one session where one of the students asked how Jo wanted the book designed. She was worried she would get told off if she did not do exactly what the teacher (Jo) wanted. The student was told she could do whatever she liked and whatever inspired her. Giving her this freedom resulted in a fantastic book which the student was proud of and she left the session feeling 10 foot high!

All images are copyright Jo Andreae.