National Gallery Take One Picture Project

My passion is creative artistic photography and as such I am always looking for fresh and exciting ways to capture and produce an image.  A recent Creative Partnerships project I undertook with a primary school in Wokingham was creating photos of umbrellas and playing with these images on the computer to produce a photographic exhibition for the National Gallery Take One Picture Project. 

I worked specifically with years 2 and 5, and trained all the staff in basic photography and digital manipulation on the computer so photography could be incorporated across the whole school in the future.  With the pupils we were very creative taking photos of umbrellas made into a face, photographing through an umbrella, using a prism in front of the lens for a magical effect, photographing rain drops on the umbrellas, grouping umbrellas into clashing and blending colours, strong and weak colours etc.  They then chose their favourite image which we manipulated using software on the computer to create wacky images of the umbrellas eg distorted umbrellas, posterised umbrellas, umbrellas with different filters applied etc.

The rest of the school, staff and parents were invited to the photographic exhibition which was held in the School assembly hall.  It was fun to see everyone excited and showing/sharing their work with their parents.

Enjoy the scrolling images to the right showing the wonderful work produced and final exhibition in the Hall.

All images are copyright Jo Andreae.